About Me

Greetings! I am Janine, a Licensed Massage Therapist from New York City. Along with my NY license, I’ve obtained my license in the beautiful state of Washington, and now in amazing Oregon!

I am here to fulfill my desire to be a healer and therapist. After 16 years working as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world of Wall Street, I jumped ship, and went to school for massage therapy at The Swedish Institute in Manhattan. What an eye opening experience, the only thing I could do was to kick myself for not doing it sooner!  When I visited Seattle in Dec ’05, I felt the connection-even in the mist!; an indescribable feeling that Seattle was my destination. In 2007, I moved to Seattle for the Quality of Life. The PNW is now my home.

Now,  I am here in Portland, what an “I am Home” feeling. It’s been years since I found that solid community vibe, like I had in New York.  My  heart and my  soul feel alive and yearning to grow even more. I am looking to transfer and enhance the Quality of Life living through my touch. I have worked in many areas and programs and it continues to inspire me. Through my experiences I have developed a unique method of specializing, but not limited to, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Release, as well as integrating modalities of Eastern methods such as Shiatsu & Thai Massage. I focus on slow and empowering stretches for the limbs and joints, as well as focusing on balancing the energy within. I am an outgoing and down to earth ‘gal and I work with each client individually, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation while continuing to follow through with aiding your aches and discomforts. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

~ Warm Wishes & Be Well ~